Dracaena Lemon

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The Dracaena family are native to Africa, Central America and Asia. They form part of the asparagus family and they get their name from the Greek dracaena meaning female dragon, due to the red resin in its stems that is said to resemble dragon blood. A fantastic plant for air purifying, perfect for homes and offices.

Light conditions: indirect, bright light (for example not on a windowsill that gets direct sun at any point in the day), Direct sunlight will damage the leaves.
Neediness: this is a low maintenance houseplant. It will benefit from occasionally dusting the leaves to unblock its pores. If the environment has low humidity this plant will benefit from regular misting. The foliage on this variety is more easily damaged than other Dracaena so best placed in a low traffic location.
Watering: water regularly during the spring and summer months, reduce during the winter. Wait until the top layer of soil is dry before watering gently, avoid over-watering as this can cause root rot. Leaves may discolour if overwatered, if under-watered they may appear to curl at the edges.
Ideal location: bedrooms, living rooms, studies, offices, bathrooms and kitchens
Rate of growth: slow growing but can reach 5ft if not pruned. To encourage a fuller plant it can be pruned during Autumn. Dracaena do naturally shed their lower leaves which turn yellow and fall off as the plant grows.
Temperature: keep at a normal room temperature. Do not let the temperature drop below 13c.
Pets: this plant is toxic to cats and dogs. See our range of pet friendly plants if your pet is prone to nibbling.
Sizing: XL W21cm x H150cm
Also known as: Dracaena deremensis ‘Lemon & Lime’

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