Ficus Benjamina


The Ficus Benjamina or Weeping Fig is a gorgeous plant that has slender, arching branches with glossy dark leaves. This plant is great for air purifying and can remove toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene from the atmosphere. Naturally found in many tropical regions across the globe, mainly India, China, Malaysia and Australia. The elegant foliage on this plant makes it a fantastic addition to the home or office.

Light conditions: indirect, bright light (for example not on a windowsill that gets direct sun at any point in the day), the Ficus Benjamina will cope with a couple of hours of morning sunlight. The darker the leaves the less light the plant can cope with.
Neediness: Will require a good care routine of regular watering and misting. Enjoys a humid environment so regular misting is important. This plant is sensitive to changes in environment and temperature so may drop leaves if moved around the home.
Watering: Water regularly when the top of soil is dry to the touch. Do keep the lower soil moist but do not allow the pot to sit in water as it will drop leaves and lead to root rot.
Ideal location: bedrooms, living rooms, studies, bathrooms and kitchens
Rate of growth:  Fast growing and can grow to between 3ft – 6ft as a houseplant, in its natural tropical environment it can reach 60ft! Should not need repotting more than annually. Prune any damaged leaves/stems.
Temperature: keep at a normal room temperature, do not let temperature drop below 15c.
Pets: this plant is toxic to cats and dogs.
Sizing: XL W27cm x H140-160cm
Also known as: Weeping Fig

Pot type and color may vary depending on stock availability.



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