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This plant comes from the Bromeliaceae family, there are over 120 types and they are all native to South America. These are a low maintenance houseplant that makes a big impact as they can flower for months at a time. The Bromelia Guzmania has a distintive bright pink rosette shaped flower head and striking blade like foliage. In their natural environment these plants are epiphytic meaning they will attach their roots to trees or rocks.

Light conditions: position in a spot with indirect, bright light. Never in full sun.
Neediness: relatively low maintenance but will benefit from regular misting to mimic its natural rainforest environment.
Watering: during warmer weather ensure soil is kept moist but not soggy. In the cooler months allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings. Enjoys humidity so mist regularly. This plant should be watered by pouring into the central rosette.
Ideal location: living rooms, studies, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.
Rate of growth: fully grown it will reach 75cm tall.
Temperature: normal room temperature and not below 13c at night.
Pets: this plant is safe around pets.

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