Money Tree

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We can’t promise that this plant will grow you money (sorry!) but it’s said that it will bring you prosperity and positive energy – the good luck is interwoven in the twisted trunks. These stunners make thoughtful presents, or are perfect when you fancy treating yourself.

Many businesses like to position their tree by the cash register for good luck. If money’s not your motive, still reach for the stars, as in the wild, these trees have been known to grow up to 59 feet tall.

Drainage is key – although this tree appreciates moisture, don’t let it sit in puddles of water. It also has an appetite for a balanced fertiliser, but only needs it once a month.

How to Keep me Happy

Light: I like bright, indirect light, but am ok in shadier spots
Water: Water me when my top 2 inches of soil feel dry to the touch
Expert level: I’m perfect for those new to plant parenthood
Sizing: W24cm x H40cm (Fits 30cm Pot)
Air-purifying: I remove the nasties lurking in your room
Pet-friendly: I’m safe around your furry friends and little people

Jo’s Top Tip

The Pachira Aquatica isn’t a fan of change, so avoid moving this plant if you can help it. They are happy sticking to what they know, however should you need to relocate it, you may witness some leaf drop.

Pot type and color may vary depending on stock availability.



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